Cosmetic Rhinoplasty is the plastic surgery for beautification of nose. Nowadays we are commonly using artificial implants. This obviates the need for another operation on the body to harvest cartilage or bone.


Augmentation Rhinoplasty: Here small flat nose can be enlarged and provided with projection. It can also be narrowed if the nose is very broad. A saddle or depressed deformity in the middle of the nose may result from injury, infection, operation or it may be present since birth (congenital). This can easily be corrected by nasal implant or by transplanting ear cartilage or bone from rib/elbow into the nose.

Tip plasty: is done to sharpen broad tip. Here the cartilage framework is apposed in the mid line to provide a sharp tip. Alar base reduction is also done to narrow the nostrils. 






Reduction Rhinoplasty:
An abnormal hump or elevation can be straightened easily by removing excess bone or cartilage. A long nose can also be shortened by this procedure.

All these cosmetic operations are done through the inside of the nostrils. Therefore no visible scar is seen. Most of the patients can go home the same day, overnight hospitalization is not required.


Reconstructive Rhinoplasty: Can be done for loss of part or whole of the nose by accident or injury. Composite graft from ear or various types of flap can be used to perform this operation. More than one step is required in most of the cases.




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