Face Lift

01Procedures used to eliminate the signs of ageing are as follows:


     1.  Facelift operation

     2.  Blepharoplasty

     3.  Filler/ Lipoinjection

     4.  Botox Injection

     5.  Microdermabrasion

     6.  Laser


Facelift Operation: This is used to reduce wrinkles and make the skin taut. An incision is made in front of and just below the external ear. The skin of the face is undermined and lifted off the muscle layer. It is then pulled backwards, excess skin trimmed and finally draped back in a stretched out manner. Facelift, being a major operation, would leave the face swollen and bruised for a number of weeks. To reduce this, the patient is asked to wear a compression bandage on the face postoperatively. It is after the bruise marks have disappeared that the patient can notice the real difference. This surgery can make one look at least ten to fifteen years younger.

Thread Facelift A special type of thread is used to pull back the wrinkled skin. The thread is introduced under the skin with the help of a needle, and the surgeon applies the right amount of traction to efface the wrinkles. This procedure is best suited for mild wrinkles. But for moderate and deep wrinkles a proper facelift operation gives better and longer lasting result.


Filler Injection: This is also a modern method to fill out the wrinkles. Here, Filler gel is injected in the valleys between the wrinkles. A wide range of filler gels are available- e.g. Restylene, Hylaform, Hydrogel, etc.
These are primarily chemicals that are purified to medical grade and marketed as gels.  Initially, fillers were extracted from collagen in cows. Skin wrinkles can be made to vanish instantly by filler injection. The drawback of this procedure is that the gel gradually gets absorbed with timeand needs to be repeated every six months or so. Very recently fat injection (Lipoinjection) has proved to provide the best result. Here fat from the abdomen is harvested by a syringe and after processing, it is injected into the affected area. In addition to filler effect it also provides rejuvination to the underlying skin. 


6Botox: This is an injection that helps eliminate wrinkles. Botox is a form of neurotoxin. This is injected under the wrinkled skin, and has the effect of paralyzing small groups of facial muscles. This can, in turn, reduce the traction effect on the skin. As a result, the wrinkles are no longer visible. The potency of Botox gradually eases off with time. Patients are required to use this procedure to their best advantage, upon a series of top-up dosages.


Microdermabrasion: This is another non-surgical procedure, to fend off the ageing process. Microderm is largely used to wipe out the finer wrinkles. Here, sharp Aluminium Oxide crystals are sprayed at high velocity. These assist in excising the Stratum Cornum, topmost layer of the skin. This eventually removes the fine wrinkles. The procedure is accompanied by high pressure suction, to take away the grime and the powder used for Microderm. As the crystals do not penetrate the inner layers of the skin, there is no pain. However, Microderm is not very effective for heavier wrinkles, and these have to be treated with the processes aforementioned.


Laser: There has been an impressive surge in popularity in the recent times. Laser has been refered to as one of the most substantial procedures to smoothen and tone the skin. A special type of light ray is used to destroy the collagens accommodated deep inside. Within a few days, new collagens start forming, and this process is called collagen remodeling. As a result of this remodeling, the skin becomes increasingly taut and creaseless. It is for this reason that this is also known as laser rejuvenation. It is to be noted that the procedure demands several sessions for best results.

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