Hair Transplant

Is there any real treatment for baldness ?

Treatment for baldness has been a problem for the doctors ever since. Results were largely unsatisfactory. This fact prompted bald men and woman to go for wig or weaving. Everybody knows what a wig is. It is false hair which is worn over the head to cover the baldness. Weaving is also a similar way of covering the bald head with false / artificial hair. But the difference with wig is that in weaving the false hair is fixed with the patients own hairs along the back and sides of the head. Problems associated with both these procedures are that they cause recurrent dandruff and scalp infection. An additional problem associated with weaving is that it causes further hair loss from the sides? due to the traction effect.


What is Hair Transplant ?

Modern plastic surgery can now offer bald men and women a safe, natural and permanent solution to this problem. This is done by hair transplant surgery. In this operation hairs are taken (harvested) from the back of the patients own head and grafted on to the bald area in the front and top. A strip of skin less than an inch in width is used to prepare thousands of mini (containing 2 to 3 hairs) and micro grafts (containing only 1 hair). Now these grafts are transplanted into very small holes in the bald area created by a fine needle. Few hundred to few thousand of these grafts are used depending on the area of baldness to be covered. Since the whole procedure requires very fine maneuvers the operation is done under microscope magnification.


Do transplanted hairs grow normally ?

Yes. The transplanted hairs grow normally. They can be cut and groomed as natural hairs as long as the patient lives. We know that hairs at the back and sides of the head are not affected by variations in androgen hormone levels in the blood (which is quite usual after a certain age of a person). In contradistinction the hairs in front and top of the head are affected by this variation of hormone level, especially in those who have family history of baldness. As a result hairs from the front and top fall off quickly, whereas those at the back and sides are not affected. It is for this reason that when hairs are transplanted from the back of the head, these hairs continue to grow for the rest of the patient’s life and do not fall of even if hormone levels fluctuate.


How long does the operation take ?

One hair transplant operation takes 4 to 6 hours depending on the number of grafts transplanted. Since the procedure is done under local anesthesia the patient can listen to music and have tea while the operation is being done.


Is hospitalization required ?

No. Patients can go home soon after the surgery and they do not need hospitalization.


How soon can you see the results ?

It takes a few months for the newly transplanted hair follicles to grow natural looking hairs. So the patient has to wait for 3 to 4 months before seeing the real benefit of hair transplant operation.


Is there any medicine that helps ?

Yes. There is a hair restoration program that helps in preventing hair fall out, and also improves hair growth. This program includes a few months of medicinal treatment, some dietary instructions and some advice regarding hair care.

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